Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Nikki Pepper goes on air to talk about Link4Growth

Link4Growth is not often in the news, the organisation prefers to just work in the background and get on with the job. In a world where we are led to believe standing on the podium and shouting from the rooftops about what is wrong is the answer, Link4Growth steadily, quietly, effectively is putting in place the infrastructure for change.

Sometimes an opportunity comes along to share some of what we do in a more public way, and an opportunity fell last week to Nikki Pepper to talk about Link4Growth on local radio in Peterborough. The show was the working lunch show with Craig Bunday.

The Working Lunch show (BundayBrunch) hosted by Craig Bunday is a 2 hour show where Craig invites local businesses and interesting people, often met through Networking, onto the show to share some of what they do with his listeners.

Craig (left) met with +Nikki Pepper at the Nene Park coffee event and following a conversation about Link4Growth and its purpose invited Nikki to join him on the show.

4 years ago, Nikki would probably agree that she would never have imagined doing anything like this, and so as requested it was all kept rather hush hush until after the event.

Link4Growth although very simple in concept 'we bring local people together to have conversations' the effects of this can be life changing for many. Link4Growth is a platform that empowers 4 types of growth. (1) Personal Growth, (2) enterprise growth (business, charity), (3) Community growth and (4) Country growth. This growth journey is one that we all engaged with, some are further along their own journey than others, and their is no right or wrong.

We would all agree that Nikki has achieved remarkable personal growth in the past 4 years being part of Link4Growth and very many congratulations to her for this major milestone, fantastic, well done. To listen to the show, click on the link below. Nikki is on air at about 26 minutes and 40 seconds into the recording.

Click here listen to Nikki Pepper talking to Craig Bunday about Link4Growth (26 mins 40 sec)

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