Sunday, 27 March 2016

A historic day for Link4Growth 24th March 2016

On the 24th March there were two huge events in the #Link4Growth calendar. The first was the launch of #Link4Business in #Watford (Herts) and the second was the launch of a new country with the first ever #Link4Coffee event north of the border in #Scotland.

The Link4Business in Watford kicked off in a brand new venue, Fresh Shop (a local cafe) downstairs and with 25 booked in promised to be a successful (and very packed) event. With a few casualties on the day around 20 people attended and the team of +Jean Flower +Simon Cox and 2nd speaker +Tania Clarke carried if off beautifully. Thanks to all those that attended to make this a very special launch.

This is the 10th #Link4Business event now running, with #Whittlesey and #Alfreton launching earlier in the month. The popularity and success of Link4Business continues apace. Well done to +Joan Richardson and +Len Harvey for their respective events. Both also hugely successful. Well done +Simon Cox the national lead for #L4B for all his hard work too!

On to #Scotland and it is amazing how things come about. Andrea McGuinness first heard about #Link4Growth via watching a Video Show with +Gerri Riddiough talking as a guest on an American based show. Andrea was instantly taken by the idea of Link4Growth and then followed a relentless pursuit to find out more... eventually this detective work was to lead to +Nikki Pepper and the rest as they say is history... until the 24th March.

Andrea had prepared the ground well and 28 people turned up to find out more about this idea of community building. There is an appetite for change in Scotland and Link4Growth is something that everyone can get involved in. Almost without exception the attendees not only marveled at both the simplicity of just turning up and having a conversation, but also, how much they learned about what was going on around them that they didn't know about.

There is very little going on in our communities to bring people together without any other agenda these days. Yes Fayres and other charity events exist but they have an agenda often to raise money... but nothing to just enable people to talk and get to know each other... meet, talk, listen, learn, connect, share and inspire... well here it is... it's called Link4Growth. Welcome to a world of conversation... it just came back... please do come along to something near you... and if there isn't anything... then start something... the time is now... let's take action! Together we really can change the world... one conversation at a time...

Thank you so much to the Moorparkhouse Hotel who not only provided the venue but all the teas and coffees too!