Tuesday, 25 October 2016

How Link4Growth serves us and our communities ~ the 5 tools explained

Link4Growth provides a platform that contains 5 tools that are a service to the local communities, and the majority are free of charge. Link4Growth encourages us to (1) talk to each other through community events because everything starts with a conversation and knowing those around you, (2) grow a strong local business club for each town with businesses all collaborating together, and, collectively promoting the ethos of buying local, (3) Keep learning and sharing our collective knowledge, the world is ever changing and we need to adapt constantly, (4) Share what we are doing through local CommunityTV and a national TV Portal, all free to use and where anyone can join in, (5) The Community Communication Hub websites where we can share the 97% of good news that is happening in our community with everyone else in our communities, easily, and at zero cost.

Every organisation in our community struggles with similar challenges and Link4Growth is here to help alleviate those challenges and empower us all to play a part and contribute back to society.

By sharing the good work that we are doing in the community we are enabling others and inspiring them to replicate and duplicate elsewhere... Link4Growth is purely a conduit, an infrastructure, and a facilitation platform that exists not for its own glory, but for all of us, and to help us pull everyone up.

... the diagram below helps to summarise the information above.