Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Peer-2-Peer mentoring now available to all...

There are 6.7 million of us now running small micro businesses with 5 or less employees and the vast majorty of these are solopreneurs; people working by themselves. How so many of us got to running our own businesses is not the subject of this blog, but the fact is there are a very large number of people that are now responsible for their own endeavours, and, more than likely doing it for the first time.

There is a huge amount of inexperience out there and running a business today is probably more complex than it has ever been. Trying to work it all out on your own is almost impossible and can be daunting, isolating, lonely and not to mention very time consuming. How do you know if you are doing things right? Who can you trust to be giving you objective and impartial advice? Who can you share ideas knowing that it stays in the room?

You go to any networking meeting and ask people how they are doing? You'll probably get the answer, "great thanks... could be better, but really busy which is good. How about you?" ... you will probably find yourself answering in the same way. It's not honest or authentic is it? Nor is it accurate most likely. It would be considered bad form though to disclose that there are some real issues... and anyway no one wants to hear your problems do they? So everyone 'pretends they are doing well' and we go away even more miserable because everyone is doing great and yet we know that things are no where near as good as we made them look in the backroom of our own business.

Actually being able to be vulnerable with people, trust them to help us and look out for us when our soft underbelly is exposed is not easy. In fact it takes a great deal of courage, and it needs a different environment to be able to share at this level. It is however, at this very point of vulnerability that we let the magic in. It is at this point when we openly ask for help and support that people respond to our call.

Why is this such a powerful tool?

Imagine 5 other business owners with all their knowledge, experience, expertise and connections... all their life lived so far and their wisdom gained being applied specifically to your challenge. Couple that with a desire to see you succeed and a real willingness to help you move on past your issue. It is powerful stuff, and it is no wonder that 'Peer-2-Peer mentoring groups' or 'Mastermind groups' have been the source of great leaps forward for many people (and businesses) and continue to do so.

It's not a new idea

The idea of Peer-2-Peer mentoring is not new. Bringing like minded people together with all their collective knowledge has been going on for decades. The word Synergy is often used in this context which means "The combined power of a group of people when brought together is greater than the sum of the individuals". With this the inference that with 6 people you effectively get a 7th as the melding of combined minds achieves much more.

We're here to help each other UP!

There is enough business for everyone out there! Link4Business is committed to helping all businesses in our local communities succeed and these Online / Offline Mentoring Groups are another item in the toolbox  :-
  • Learn from other people running businesses (and their mistakes)
  • Share experience and knowledge
  • Fast track through obstacles and challenges
  • Accountability
  • Ongoing support through a closed G+ community
  • Share trusted connections and networks
  • Build deep relationships and trust
  • All the networking and other benefits of being part of the Link4Growth / Link4Business network

No excuses...

  1. Information accessible and available on the website
  2. Low cost... Free to Link4Business Members or just join up here for £12 per month
  3. Flexible ways to be part of a mentoring group with people you know and respect
  4. Deeper levels of connection leading to faster growth, personal and business development