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KIDS Create

David Mills
Linda Anderson
Sometimes you get to speak to people and you sense an energy and purpose that is incredibly intoxicating.

Often those people are blissfully unaware of it, believing it is something they might shake off one day but just seems to never go away. Often coming back a few years later to have another stab at taking hold. Maybe just maybe the circumstances were just not quite right earlier, both in terms of the environment, or maybe personal growth and development. Whatever the reason it doesn't matter, what does matter is that this unshakable purpose gets a chance to be 'aired', to surface in all its glory and be able to make the difference it was supposed too.

It wasn't so long ago that by chance (if you believe in such things) I discovered a post by David Mills about a concept he had created called Eduspired (@eduspired on twitter). I'd never met David before but what he had written resonated with me 100%. Basically the education system is not delivering for our children. We have met subsequently a few times and together given birth to the Education Show on L4Gtv's Education Channel. Rarely have I met someone so passionate about what he believes in... I am truly inspired each time we have an opportunity to speak and I know a whole generation of young folk will be grateful for some of the actions +David Mills is taking right now.

But he is not alone... a short while ago David was introduced to +linda anderson of +The Kitchen Croxley fame in the +Link4Growth SW Herts District of +Link4Growth. This meeting was to organise and set the first ever date for David's initiative called KIDS CREATE. Basically this is about holding a space for a group of young people (aged 10-13 years) to listen to how they see things and come up with solutions to the very real human problems we have out there right now.

The Kitchen in Croxley is a community Coffee Shop... a public space providing a safe place for young people to meet from the local area. But... there are thousands of such community spaces around the country. What if each of these was to play host to a KIDS CREATE group... what if there was one each day. How amazing to include our young folk in such important community discussion... the table is layed...

Below the introduction to what will be taking place on the 8th September at the Kitchen... 


Connect - Collaborate - Create

The Kitchen Croxley
Thursday 8 September 2016
4.30 – 6.30pm

  1. Are you aged 10-13?
  2. Are you passionate about creating a better world?
  3. Do you have ideas for improving your community?
  4. Do you enjoy working with others?
  5. Are you ready to show adults what you are capable of?
If you answered YES to the above questions, then KIDS CREATE could be for you!

KIDS CREATE brings young people together for the purpose of collaborating on 'real life' innovation projects of their own choosing. It is a vehicle through which they can channel their innate passions and imagination into creating real value in the world. Whether the project is to launch an awareness campaign, create a positive news channel on YouTube, coordinate a litter picking exercise in the local park, organise a charity concert, film a documentary or provide blankets to the homeless, this is a place where young people's voices are honoured and heard, and in which they are trusted and empowered to take action on their ideas.

Facilitated by David Mills, an education visionary, confidence coach, youth mentor and former school teacher, this will be the first of many meetups at The Kitchen.

Supported by #Link4Growth, The Kitchen Croxley


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