Thursday, 28 January 2016

The 1st ever Link4Growth Conference 8th January 2016

The 1st ever Link4Growth Conference took place on the 8th January 2016. The venue was the amazing Missenden Abbey in Buckinghamshire and brought the Link4Growth family together for the first time. A historic moment and one that many of us will remember as the day that connected people in the flesh who had previously only known each other virtually.

It is incredibly difficult to single out individual performances and comments fed back through January confirmed this as one of the most inspirational collaborative events people had attended. Link4Growth has indeed come a long way since its initial launch on January 9th 2012; nearly 4 years to the day.

Below some of the highlights... links to picture albums, the live video feeds of the 8 speakers on the day and also the 6 Laminates which will help us to visually explain the different aspects of Link4Growth going forward.

Photo's from the day

Picture Album No. 1 - Credit to +Mark Mountford
Picture Album No. 2 - Credit to +Diane Richardson +Catherine Baldwin & +Jonathan s Darby

Live Video feeds of the 8 Speakers on the day

+Paul Violet  ~ Opening the conference

+Emma Jaynes  ~ Community

+Chris Ogle  ~ CKi (Community Kickstarter initiative)

+Su Ball  ~ Link4Business

+Jeremy Silverstone  ~ OMG's (Online Mentoring Groups)

+Carol Dodsley  ~ Link4Skills

+Diane Richardson  ~

Chris Ogle ~ Leadership Programme

+Nadine Standish  ~ BITC (Collaboration)

Chris Ogle ~ New Laminates

+Tania Clarke  ~ Taking Responsibility

Chris Ogle ~ Recognition

Chris Ogle ~ Closing Address

Link4Growth Laminates

A fabulous day had by all... thank you to everyone that supported the event... it was a memorable day for us all.

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  1. Looks like a seminal event. I am really hoping I can be at the next one.